Minimally Invasive

No scalpels! Rather than the large skin grafts required by traditional hair transplants, every follicle is carefully harvested and grafted one at a time. This means NeoGraft FUE is minimally invasive to the body, resulting in speedier healing and no scar lines.


Faster Recovery Time

The less invasive nature of NeoGraft FUE allows for faster healing time. No incisions, no linear scarring, no need to put your life on hold. Our patients typically get back into their routine the very next day post treatment. We do recommend patients to wait 24 hours before gently washing their hair, taking extra care of their newly grafted area. 



Great and Permanent Results!

With the NeoGraft FUE, more than 2x the amount of follicles will be harvested compared to the traditional FUT (follicular unit transplantation) method. The sheer volume of the follicles allows for greater successful transfer rates. Once your newly planted follicles begin to grow, the results are natural and last a lifetime!

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