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Frequently Asked Questions  经常问的问题

What should I expect the day of my NeoGraft FUE treatment?    


我在NeoGraft FUE治疗当天会是怎样的?

    Let’s get you ready for the day of your transplant!

    1.  Is there anything I need to prepare for in advance for the transplant?


        Nope! There is no special preparation that you need to do for this procedure. However, do keep in mind the procedure usually                    takes 4-8 hours, so make sure to wear something comfortable and come to your appointment on time.


    2.  What should I expect on the day of my transplant/What is the procedure like?


    2.1   After being greeted at the reception and confirming your appointment, one of our Hair Transplant Experts will guide you to the                   procedure room.

    2.2  Our Expert team will have you lie face down on your stomach in our comfy operating chairs.

    2.3  Once you’re comfortable, local anesthetic will be applied.

    2.4   The harvesting of your hair follicles from the donor site will begin using our NeoGraft technology.

    2.5   You harvested follicles will be carefully placed in chilled saline, where they patiently wait to be implanted in the problem area.

    2.5   Once enough follicles are harvested, our Hair Transplant Expert will ask you to reposition your body in a faceup position. You will                still  be lying down.

    2.7  Time to treat the problem area! The problem area will be numbed with local anesthetic before the harvested hair grafts are                         planted.

    2.8   Almost done! A dressing (a bandage) is used to cover the donor site for 2-3 days. It is best to wait a day before washing your hair.               Take extra care of the newly grafted area when you do.



     1.  我需要提前为移植准备些什么吗?


        不用!您无需为此做任何特殊准备。但是,请记住,手术过程通常需要4  -  8个小时,所以一定要穿舒适的衣服,准时到达诊所。

    2. 在移植当天我应该期待些什么/这个程序是怎么样的?


    2.1  在接待处迎接并确认您的预约后,我们的一位头发移植专家会领您进入手术室。

    2.2  我们的专家团队会让您在我们舒适的手术床面朝下躺着。

    2.3  你舒服地躺着后,专家就会使用局部麻醉剂。

    2.4  局部麻醉完毕,开始使用我们的NeoGraft技术从毛囊移植部位采集毛囊。

    2.5  收集了的毛囊小心地放入冷冻盐水中,静候等待植入问题区域。

    2.6  一旦收集足够的毛囊,我们的头发移植专家会要求您转身正面躺着。

    2.7  开始移植毛囊到问题区!先局部麻醉问题区然后植入毛囊。

    2.8  开始移植毛囊到问题区!先局部麻醉问题区然后植入毛囊。几乎完成了!毛囊移植部位会用绷带覆盖 2 - 3 天。请最好等一天               过后才洗头,洗头时,要特别小心新接种的头皮区域。

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