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Micro-Needling  微针刺

What is Micro-Needling for Hair Regrowth?


The use of a micro-needle has a lot of advantages when utilized during hair transplantation procedure. Basically, micro-needling is performed to stimulate the collagen in the skin. When performed on the scalp, this leads to a rush of nutrients and healing agents to the hair follicles, which in combination with traditional hair transplantation techniques leads to highly effective results. In this manner, Dr. Poon is able to maximize the natural and lasting results at his Toronto hair transplant clinics.

Since the needle size is very small, it can easily work its way into the skin without leaving a large scar on your scalp. The needle penetrates down into the hypodermis and the dermis where follicles originally grow. Upon removal of the needle, the skin closes immediately. Because the wound is microscopic, the body prepares the scalp for the healing process almost instantly. Sometimes, antibiotics are given to further improve the healing of the wounds.




Proven Safe and Effective  经证实安全有效

Dr. Poon utilizes micro-needling in conjunction with FUE method of non-surgical hair transplantation. Remember that with FUE the hair that is used for the transplant is obtained from your own scalp. The donor hair follicles come from your own head so the new hair that would be growing is naturally yours. With hair transplantation, you will be guaranteed to have nothing but natural hair growing from your scalp.

The reason why most people opt to have a hair transplantation procedure is that the results are better. Hair growth becomes natural with this procedure. Since the hair follicle is entrapped by the skin, growth will start from within. The process of hair growth will be as natural as it gets. Since 1997, Dr. Poon has been able to achieve outstanding results for his Mississauga and Toronto hair transplant patients by combining Bio-Stimulation hair growth techniques with traditional hair transplant methods.

Results from hair transplantation procedures are quick and assured. The follicles which have been implanted will fall within 3 weeks' time. At this rate, it will be an estimated 3 months of waiting time when your new hair will start to grow. A few months after, you will find healthy and natural hair growing from your own scalp. No one will be able to tell that all these came from a hair transplantation procedure just a few short months before.




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