What is NeoGraft FUE?

The Results

NeoGraft FUE is the newest and most advanced hair transplant procedure available today. The NeoGraft machine is the best on market for the FUE procedure, or follicular unit extraction procedure.

The FUE procedure is a minimally invasive hair transplant procedure performed without scalpel incisions. This allows for faster healing time than traditional hair transplant and produces absolutely no scar lines.
Functioning as an extension of the operator's hand, NeoGraft is a machine that facilitates follicle unit extraction. The principle behind this method involves the extraction of follicular unit grafts from donor regions of the hair. The donor regions are areas that are less prone to hair loss, usually the lower back of the head. These follicles are used for the regeneration of hair in balding spots. NeoGraft harvests the hair follicle unit from the donor area and implants the follicle to the problem area. NeoGraft allows for speed and precision in placing grafts, one follicle at a time.

The advanced NeoGraft FUE is produces full, natural-looking hair results with shorter recovery times and no scar lines.

Full and Natural-looking Results

Infographic: The NeoGraft Process

NeoGraft: the Best of FUE

Experts have thoroughly researched to provide a more convenient hair regeneration method. The NeoGraft method is known to be the best way to perform FUE. It results in a less invasive procedure as compared to traditional FUE. The NeoGraft method is a faster and more effective method of hair regeneration. It can obtain twice as much of grafts in comparison to traditional FUE in the same period of time.

Dr. Poon is one of the first hair restoration physicians to use the FDA-approved NeoGraft FUE method and has been able to deliver excellent results for his Toronto and Mississauga hair transplant patients.

Going bald is no longer a permanent sentence. You can still look younger with the right hair regeneration method for you.

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