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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)  含丰富血小板血浆 

Update: PRP is not related to nor included in the group of autologous cell therapies criticized by Health Canada in May 2019.

PRP is an established advanced technique beneficial in dermatology and in certain musculoskeletal conditions.



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Platelet-Rich Plasma - The Procedure 

含丰富血小板血浆 - 治疗程序

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) enhances and strengthens your existing hair follicles. Normally, an average of two or three strands of hair grow in a single follicle. But in people with thinning hair, a large portion of hair follicles might only have a single strand of hair. PRP helps stimulate follicle growth and boost the number of hair strands growing in each follicle.


含丰富血小板的血浆(PRP)增强并增强了您现有的毛囊。通常,单个卵泡中平均会长出两到三根头发。但是在头发稀疏的人中,大部分的毛囊可能只有一根头发。 PRP有助于刺激卵泡生长并增加每个卵泡中生长的发束数量。

For the PRP procedure, the clinician draws blood samples, which are then spun in a centrifuge. The clinician takes platelets and growth factors from the blood and injects them into the scalp to promote hair growth, producing fuller and healthier hair.



Phase 1 

The clinician takes blood samples from the patient. The samples are processed in a centrifuge to separate the components of the blood. The platelets are extracted and allowed to multiply and produce bioactive substances that promote growth and healing.

阶段 1


Phase 2 

The clinician applies a local anaesthetic on the patient's scalp. The clinician then uses a microneedle scalp roller to improve absorption, and injects the platelets and growth factors into the scalp.

阶段 2



There is no downtime! Patients can resume everyday activities right after leaving the clinic, but we generally advise patients to avoid rigorous activity and touching the treated area for 24 hours.




Thicker, Fuller Hair  浓密饱满的头发

Platelet-Rich Plasma is a revolutionary treatment in the fields of cosmetic medicine and dermatology for its efficacy in stimulating new hair growth. It is minimally invasive with low risk of complications and no downtime. We typically use PRP as an adjuvant therapy with NeoGraft FUE hair transplants, but PRP may be a stand-alone option for you depending on your level of hair loss.

富含血小板的血浆具有刺激新发生长的功效,是医学美容和皮肤病学领域的革命性治疗方法。它具有微创性,并发症风险低且无需休养期。我们通常将PRP用作NeoGraft FUE植发的辅助疗法,但是根据您的脱发程度,PRP可能是您的唯一选择。

PRP has little to no chance of allergic reactions since the patient's own blood and growth factors are used in this process. The purpose of PRP is to use your body's own natural growth capabilities and concentrating them on the scalp to produce full, thick, healthy hair results. We are proud to offer the latest and best hair restoration treatments to our Toronto hair transplant clientele.

由于在此过程中使用了患者自身的血液和生长因子,因此PRP几乎没有过敏反应的机会。 PRP的目的是利用身体自身的自然生长能力并将其集中在头皮上,以产生饱满,浓密,健康的头发效果。我们很荣幸能为我们的多伦多植发客户提供最新,最好的植发治疗。

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