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Let's talk about hair loss  我们来谈谈脱发

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Hair loss can be embarrassing. You lose confidence in how you look and how you feel. When you're starting to go bald, social situations become that much more anxiety-inducing, like public speaking or when you're meeting someone new. Worrying about your thinning hair can distract you from being your best self.

Hair loss happens in both men and women, although it occurs more often in men. Female hair loss can and does occur with much greater frequency than meets the eye. Women tend to experience hair loss after pregnancy or during menopause due to hormone changes.

Hair loss can be caused by stress, hormonal fluctuations, and certain drugs (such as for cancer or depression). You can lose more hair from hairstyles that pull on your hair, such as ponytails or cornrows. Balding can be hereditary; you are more likely to experience early hair loss pattern if your parents did.

A poor diet can contribute to balding. For example, eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and extreme dieting lead to hair loss. Hair is made up of a type of protein called keratin. An extreme diet lacking in protein and nutrients can lead to unintentional hair loss. In addition, the mental stress that usually comes with the physical stress of extreme dieting also causes hair loss!

Fortunately, hair thinning can be stopped and hair loss can be reversed. Nowadays, there are many options that are being presented to remedy hair loss. However, not all these options are safe or effective. As a hair transplant specialist, Dr. Poon continues to pursue a research-based approach to hair transplantation and hair regrowth and is able to help his Toronto and Mississauga hair transplant patients find the best option to fit their needs.






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