Best Candidates

Hair Restoration and Enhancement

Ideally, the best candidates for hair restoration are those with adequate donor density, placing from stage 1-4 male pattern baldness on the Norwood scale, and the early stages of the female pattern baldness Ludwig scale below.


But NeoGraft FUE is not restricted to only those suffering from patterned baldness, If you are looking to improve your hairline or would like more voluminous hair, you are a suitable candidate as well! 

The Norwood Scale

The Ludwig Scale

When considering hair transplant procedures, it is important to keep in mind not every individual will achieve the same desired results. Most hair loss cases are hereditary; however, hair loss can be medical symptoms of stress and other illnesses. It is important to keep your doctor informed about any health changes you may have noticed along with your hair loss.

If you are experiencing or have been diagnosed with any health-related problems, please let Dr. Poon know during the consultation and prior to any treatments. 

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