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Biostimulation Treatments

Fuller and Healthier Hair


A lot of people associate hair with youth and vigour, so your self-esteem and sense of personal attractiveness can take a hit once you start balding. Maybe your thinning hair is giving you anxiety, or you avoid photos and social events for fear of people noticing your hair loss. Sometimes the progression of hair loss can be so drastic as to lead to clinical depression because of the inability to cope emotionally with a physical change. For more about the causes of hair loss, click here.


These are reasons why medical hair transplants have seen such a tremendous rise in popularity in the past decade, with more men and women considering non-invasive hair re-growth procedures as a method of turning back the clock.


Dr. Poon is proud to have helped so many of his Toronto hair transplant patients regain their confidence and self-esteem.

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Biostimulation: Tapping into Your Youth  


Biostimulation refers to treatments that tap into your body's existing natural healing mechanisms to encourage the growth of healthier, youthful-looking skin and hair. 


We have found the following biostimulation treatments to work really well with NeoGraft FUE for our hair transplant clients. However, these treatments may also be made available separately to you without a hair transplant depending on your level of hair loss.

To find out more about each treatment, please click on the links below.

我们发现以下生物刺激疗法可与NeoGraft FUE一起为我们的植发客户提供良好的服务。但是,根据您的脱发程度,也可以单独为您提供这些治疗方法而无需进行植发。



Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)  含丰富血小板血浆

Micro-Needling  微针法

Low Level Photo-Stimulation 低度光激

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